Awakened Keys — An NFT Showcase

Nathan Rempel
4 min readFeb 24, 2021

Introducing the first cryptographic Oracle and collectible cards.

The Awakened Keys are a new NFT collection available currently on the WAX network, found on Atomic Hub. These NFTs have special powers.

Inspired by The Gene Keys by Richard Rudd, and the I Ching 易經 which existed as early as 1000BC, this collection includes a full set of 64 Keys or Hexagrams 卦 that come in six flavours.

The process of aquiring these 384 varieties is by purchasing one of four Oracle cards, which when burned randomly draw 1, 2, 4, or 8 Keys, priced at $5.00, $9.00, $17.00, and $33.00 respectively.

From every single sale, 25% of the purchase value goes to supporting charity through UpliftArt and 50% of the purchase value will be used for researching practical applications for recent discoveries in Quantum Physics with the goal of easing the environmental burden on the planet.

Blockchain NFT enthusiasts are already quite familiar with the concept of “pack opening” by burning, however in this case there is no special manipulation at play.

Using the transaction hash every Key and variation has equal probability of being drawn. This process goes deeper than simply collecting cards however.

Both The Gene Keys and the I Ching are powerful oracles and means of enlightment, and share many simularities. This collection provides a means of awakening your spirit, finding your path in life, offering guidance, and achieving integration. These Keys can mean anything you desire them to be, and I encourage them to be used as such.

Technical Features

Powered by Phabric and supporting the network, this NFT collection utilizes powerful procedural generation to render every asset on the fly.

A smart contract enabled sales engine automatically relists Draw cards each time they are purchased, and for the zealous collectors and hunters of low mint numbers, these Keys have another incredible feature:

Every key has the blockchain and Mint Number imprinted right on the image!

Collect Them All to Unlock Rare Cards

What collection wouldn’t be complete without the ability to upgrade your cards? After collecting all six variations of a Key, you can transfer all six to the account awakenedkeys using Atomic Hub, and receive The Integration, of which only 256 mints will be available!

Transfer all six Keys to unlock The Integral

If that doesn’t have your collector juices flowing, if you collect all 64 Integrals, you can also transfer them to unlock a mysterious final card, of which only SIXTEEN will be available.

What’s next?

The Awakened Keys are part of a continuous development and showcase of cutting edge new technologies that started with Phabric .

While deployed on WAX first on Atomic Hub, this collection will soon be released on OpenSea, EOS, PolkaDot, and many more.

Soon these NFTs and many more will be transferable between blockchains thanks to the upcoming NFT IBC illustrated in my article

These NFT collections support the technological advancement of the network, which will enable Concentual Data and the Proof of Human Influence protocol, as well as the Forgefire automation network and Social Media enabled payment and remittance mechanism Kudos.

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